Resin Beads

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Also offer personalized rosaries, such as beads featuring school colors, football jersey numbers and cheerleading dcor.can make pretty much anything you want into a rosary, Lauren said.The pair have sold more than 60 rosaries within the past two weeks, often through word of mouth.The mother and daughter, who made their first rosaries this fall, say they have long had a knack for making crafts when a need arises, such as creating favors and table centerpieces for Lauren's upcoming January wedding.have the ability, but we never really did a whole lot with it, Lynette said.That began to change in August, when an odd image popped into Lynette's mind while praying the rosary on a plane ride to Pennsylvania.She said she saw red beads that appeared to be a rosary but with baseballs.Lynette said she then leaned over to her husband, David, and said, think I'm supposed to make children's rosaries. Pushed the idea aside until late September, when her daughter was looking for something to do between jobs, and the pair decided to try out Lynette's rosary idea.Lynette and Lauren spent weeks searching for the right supplies and developing a process for crafting the unique prayer tools.was nothing like it, so we had to create all our own systems, Lynette said.Most children's rosaries are simply smaller versions of adult rosaries, or feature plastic beads or large blocks painted in primary colors, she said.But the mother and daughter decided to use only wooden beads and aimed to craft them into precious keepsakes.have not seen anything even close to our product, Lynette said.The duo started making them in October, then brought samples to work and church for feedback.The colorful rosaries drew more demand than expected; as orders filed in, the hobby became a business.The name, Momma's Heart, is inspired by one of Lynette's daily prayers: me, my Mother, in each day to make your heart more known. The rosaries come with a prayer that all who receive them blessed and become true children of Our Mother's Heart, which Lynette said points back to Jesus..